Why Should I Stop Wearing Hijab?

Written by: Warda Kainat

Why it’s hard for people to understand why we need to put quotes around the word “choice”. People are born with freedom that they can live according to their own will and choices. Every human is independent. People, across the globe, follow their religions without any restrictions and abuse. But when it comes to Muslims, the states officially ban hijab and other religious practices. While on the other hand, there are states like Iran and KSA who made hijab mandatory.

Despite the fact that not all Muslim Women wear hijabs, but it’s their personal choice. No one can stop them to wear hijab. Amid the rising Islamophobia in India, a Burqa-wearing Muslim student has made headlines after her video went viral where she was being harassed by a Hindu group in the southern Karnataka state. The shameful incident drew ire of celebrities, journalists and politicians, across the globe, expressed their utmost disappointment. India always claims to be a pro democratic state where everyone can practice his norms and beliefs. But this time where was the government when it comes to “choice” of a Muslim. Basically, not in India specifically, such kind of incidents can be witnessed in European countries as well who claim to be secular states.

Well somehow, it’s difficult for people to understand that why a piece of cloth on someone’s head can have that much importance. But Hijab is more than piece of cloth for whom who wear it. In my perspective, it is a privilege to be able to wear the hijab. For a Muslim Woman, it is the most humiliating and traumatizing experience when she is forced to remove her hijab in public.

Islam along with other monotheisms promote modesty, and covering head is not only endorsed by Islam but also by Christianity and Hinduism. It is the dire need of today’s time that we should go for acceptance, live and let others live. Muslim women consider Hijab their crown and carry it with pride. This right is given by Almighty Allah and no one is allowed to forbid us to wear Hijabs.

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