Why Malbus?

Written by: Warda Kainat

Malbus is famous for its quality and unique cuts since its birth. All our products are made of fine fabric which is rarely available. Malbus doesn't compromise its quality and always care for its customers.

Our fabric is directly imported from Dubai and UK because we have the motive to deliver the best to our loyal customers

Korean Nida:


Korean Nida is our signature fabric and most of our products are truly made of this fabric. It gives a cool hand-feel and the color is more concentrated than the usual one.

This fabric is luxurious, elegant, super soft and made of 100% polyester which makes it perfect for all seasons. It is truly made for premium abayas.

We also have wide range of colors of this fabric along with the embroidery and embellishments.



Malbus Signature Hijabs:


Our Signature fabric is sheer that means it's light to carry and semi transparent and breathable which makes it perfect for summers. It is originated from pure silk with a light thread of wool which gives it rough texture. That's why this fabric is expensive

Bubble Chiffon:

Our chiffon hijabs are made from luxurious chiffon with polyester texture which gives a slight stretch to the fabric. The rough bubble textured gives a static look to your hijab. This product is very rare and a specialty of malbus.
Experience the difference with Malbus. Explore our exceptional collection, crafted with care and style. Shop now and elevate your fashion experience with Malbus.

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