Which Hijab Fabric Is Best For Summer In Pakistan?

Wearing a Hijab is a fundamental Islamic command for Muslim women. However, to think you must be wearing hijabs in the scorching heat like the one in Pakistan and the Middle East during summers can be overwhelming.

But don’t worry; there are ways you can make it easy for yourself to do the Hijab, such as opting for the best Hijab fabric for summer. So, continue reading as this post will explain what makes a fabric good for summer and what are the best options available to choose from.

How To Choose The Best Hijab Fabric?

There are diverse options available for hijab fabrics if you live in the West. However, hijabs in Pakistan and the Middle East should especially be chosen for their comfort level during the summer. Three main factors determine whether a hijab fabric is compatible with summer.

First, the hijab fabric should be breathable. This means that air can flow through the cloth so you don’t sweat excessively.

Second, you should look for hijabs made from lightweight fabrics like cotton and chiffon as they are easy to carry.

And lastly, the fabric that you choose should have exceptional absorption qualities so it doesn’t become unbearable when you sweat. 

Best Hijab Fabrics For Summer In Pakistan

Now, let’s go through the best fabrics that contain these qualities.

  1. Cotton Fabric

Hijabs made of cotton are highly recommended during summer because of their breathability and fluid-absorbing nature. 

  1. Silk Hijab

Silk hijab is another popular option for hijab fabric in the summer season. The lightweight silk is permeable which means it allows air to pass through and prevents excessive sweating, so that you stay cool and comfortable.

olive silk hijab in Pakistan

  1. Chiffon Hijab

If you’re looking for something that has the combined qualities of silk and cotton, then the Chiffon hijab is the choice to make. A Chiffon hijab is soft and lightweight which makes it easy to carry. Besides, its thin cloth allows your skin to breathe so it remains dry. 

tresor turquoise chiffon hijab in pakistan

  1. Georgette Hijab

The uniqueness of the georgette hijab is that you can wear it in any type of weather. However, its airy texture makes it even more suitable for summer. Plus, georgettes are light which makes them a cozy and pleasant choice for hijab fabric.

georgette hijab in light pink colour

  1. Lawn Hijab

The lawn is also a great choice for hijabs in Pakistan, as it is a light fabric that allows for air to pass through. These qualities have made lawns a popular fabric to wear in hot climates in all clothing types. So, why not use it in hijabs and make things easy for ourselves?

Tips To Stay Relaxed In Hijab During Summer

Now that we’ve looked at the best fabric choices for hijabs in Pakistan, here are some tips for you to stay relaxed in hijab during the height of summer.

  • Pick Light-Colored Hijab

After you’ve picked the most suitable fabric for your hijab, make sure to choose the right color for your hijab as well. Light colors work best in the summertime as they reflect light to its source.

  • Keep Your Hijabs in Place

If your hijab is getting all over the place, you’ll have a hard time performing your daily activities. So, keep your hijab in place by using hijab undercaps and sturdy hijab pins.

  • Go For A Loose-Fit Hijab

Also, try to put on a loose-fit hijab, since too much tightness will prevent the air from passing through properly. 

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