What is the Difference Between Sleepwear and Loungewear?

In the world of luxurious lawns and embroidered cottons, comfort remains the top priority for women during the scorching heat of summers in Pakistan. Recently, loungewear and sleepwear outfits have transcended luxurious fabrics in terms of their cuts, colors and designs. They are comfortable, yet trendy. 

Many brands offer loungewear and sleepwear in the same category. However, there are several key differences between these two types of apparel. Here’s a guide for you to understand the key differences between loungewear and sleepwear and choose the right apparel from Malbus the next time you go shopping!

  • Fabric

People generally assume that loungewear and sleepwear are made from the same fabric. But, there are several differences between both clothings in terms of the material used. Worn for relaxation during the day time, loungewear is a casual yet presentable outfit. It is perfectly appropriate for breakfast gatherings, running in the park, or casual daytime outings. For this reason, the loungewear is made from cotton, polyester mix, or fleece. 

On the other hand, the main purpose of sleepwear is to provide an extremely peaceful and healthy sleep experience at night. Sleepwear, as the name indicates, is usually worn at night, and so it does not need to be as representable as loungewear. It needs to be really comfortable, minimal and lightweight. For this reason, the fabric used for sleepwear is usually silk, cotton, and flannel.

  •  Design

Similar to the fabric, the designing of these outfits is rooted in their purposes. Sleepwear is made for a peaceful sleep experience, so it features lightweight materials with minimal designs. In this case, the design is associated with ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted sleep experience for you rather than creating publicly appropriate apparel.  Malbus also prioritizes a minimalist and functional sleepwear that enhances comfort during sleep.

Unlike sleepwear, loungewear has minimal designs often featuring cuffs on sleeves and laces on overall attire. They are accessorized with some buttons and trendy cuts. Loungewear is stitched for creating an outfit that balances comfort with style. The recent trend for loungewear in Pakistan includes 2 piece matching separates offered by multiple brands. 

  • Cutting and Stitching

Sleepwears consist of loosely stitched dresses with simple cuts, ensuring the garments are not fitted or tight. The dresses have minimal neck designs and do not have restrictive elements like lace, embroidery or heavy embellishments. 

Loungewear, while still loose and comfortable, is designed to be more trendy and fashionable. To make it more appealing for public wear, they have trendy cuts and fashionable texture. They are stitched in a more structured manner and are not as loose-fitting  sleepwear

  • Occasions

Loungewear can be worn on a daily basis at home. Most women in Pakistan, especially  housewives, prefer wearing loungewear during the day. It is comfortable for doing house chores and still looking representable for when guests or house helpers come in during the day.

Sleepwear is majorly made to enhance the sleep experience. People prefer wearing it during their sleep time at night, having night tea sessions with close family members, or their nighttime routine such as skincare, exercise, or book reading. These outfits are minimal, comfortable and provide the most soothing experience after hectic days.

To sum it all up, the primary purpose of sleepwear is to provide comfort and ease of movement during sleep, which is why they are minimalistic and functional. Loungewear, on the flip side, balances and combines comfort with style. A wide range of loungewear and nightwear, made from lightweight fabrics with minimal design, is available at Malbus. They perfectly embody the essence of sleepwear and loungewear-comfortable and trendy. So, visit the store today and give your pick a whirl!

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