What Are The Different Styles Of Abayas?

Whenever the word “abaya” comes up, most of us think of a single piece of cloth that covers us from shoulders to ankles. However, an abaya is much more than that; it is a canvas for creativity!

Nowadays, you don’t always have to stick with the one style; there are many different styles that are in fashion.

So, if you’re skeptical about what to choose, you’ve landed on the right page. Keep reading to know about the 7 most common styles of abayas, including kimono abayas, batwing abayas and many more. 

Let’s start!

1. Front Open Abayas

Similar to cloaks, front open abayas are worn over the shoulders so they will cover your back and sides. These are highly popular in modern fashion, as they are not only fancy but easy to carry around at the same time. 

front open pink embroidered abaya

But, the catch with front open abayas is that they don’t cover the front of your body, so you’ll need to find something fitting to wear under this abaya. 

2. Front Closed Abayas

In comparison, front closed abayas are more suitable for someone who’s looking for fashion and modesty combined. This is because front closed abayas provide full coverage from shoulders to ankles so you don’t need to put on extra clothes.

beautiful zipper abaya in white colour

However, they are not as easy to wear as front open abayas. To wear a front closed abaya, you have to pull it over your head like your normal kameez shirt. 

3. Plain Abayas

The third option we have is more traditional and ideal to wear during daily activities. Plain abayas are simple abayas without any embroidery work that you can wear in public places like grocery stores and shopping malls.

casual mint color abaya in front closed design

Since they are designed for daily activities, they are also very comfortable to wear so you are less worried about your look. 

4. Kimono Abayas

Let’s dive into modern fashion – the latest kimono abayas are perfect for special events and parties as they are glamorous and reserved at the same time. Having wide, open, and flowing sleeves provides room for air to go in so that you remain cool and comfortable. 

Caramel Embroidered Kimono

Moreover, they come with an attached sash that you can use to keep your dress in place and to define your waist. 

5. Batwing Abayas

Butterfly or batwing abayas are the most charming ones on this list. Long, shiny, and flowing batwing abayas are ideal for all special occasions like weddings and Eid gatherings. They have long and open sleeves like the wings of bats which gives the abaya its name. 

Batwing abayas are loose fit, meaning they are very easy to carry and comfortable to wear, which makes them ideal for lengthy gatherings. 

6. Jilbab Abayas 

Jilbab abayas are considered a complete package in this array of abaya styles. Not only do jilbabs consist of a single plain cloth with an attached hijab, they are also a loose fit, making them breathable, comfortable, and suitable for any body figure. These qualities make them ideal for daily activities since they are simple and modest.

7. Embroidered Abayas

Adding embroidery work to abayas is a game-change in your elevated look as they integrate a touch of glamor to plain and simple abayas. In fact, this is the only difference between plain abayas and embroidered abayas

sage green abaya with embroidered sleeves

There are different designs in embroidered abayas that can be checked out at Malbus. Our extensive collection of embroidered abayas, maxi abayas and embellished abayas is sure to improve your taste in abayas. 

Have A Look At The Best Abaya Styles

Although abayas are commonly perceived as a traditional dress for Muslim women, you need to choose the best style for yourself to look charming, yet elegant. 

Malbus has a collection of the finest abaya styles that are modest and trendy. Check them out at Centaurus Mall, Islamabad or visit our online store! 

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