Ways of Carrying a Hijab

Ways of Carrying a Hijab

Written by: Warda Kainat

We have received so many queries of making hijab tutorials. So, this blog is for you that how you can carry a same hijab in different styles. We do understand the importance of hijab that holds among the Muslim Community. The word ‘hijab’ itself depicts the meaning of ‘hiding and covering’ and refers to Islamic values of modesty.

Islam is the religion which is being practiced in every region of the world, so women carry their hijabs according to their culture and weather conditions. In Pakistan, mostly women used to cover their heads with a long cloth called as Dupatta. But trend of hijab is increasing over here. So, we have come with few styles of hijab which you can carry on daily basis and can look modish.

Hijab Without a Pin:

Sudden plans! Oh so you have to rush and don't have time to play with pins and magnets. Definitely, you will opt a simple yet classy look. So just grab your hijab and wrap it around your head once in a simplest way.



Full Coverage Wrap:

Have you ever bought a printed scarf and fall in love with it. But you can't show its print after setting it into hijab. If this is so, I can totally feel your pain. Despite it, this style will definitely fix your issue. Just spread one corner of hijab across our chest and tie the rest of it as your usual hijab style. 





Want to attend an event and don't know how to carry your hijab and look modish at the same time? No worries, go for a turban and add some pieces of jewelry and you are all set to rock the event.


Hijab to Show Earrings:

There is no need to give up on your favorite fancy earrings just because you are wearing hijab. Simply tie your hijab slightly behind your earlobes to show your earrings. Use hijab band and hijab magnets for better finishing.


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