Wait For Your Turn

In our lives, (maybe even daily) we can feel as if we are about to lose our minds with the amount of work that is given to us for ourselves, our careers, our families, our rare ones. Our workload doubles and sometimes even triples from what others have. It can feel as if you are in quicksand, falling deeper into it all and slowly trying to pull yourself back up to the top while being bombarded with more elements being thrown at you to keep you falling further in. It is in the little moments that when we find ourselves overwhelmed. That is when we get to take a moment, breathe, look back at where you started and say, “Progress”.

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I know that it might sound easier said than done, but it really does make all the difference. When we just take that brief moment to look at the progress that has been made towards reaching a goal and see that the work is paying off. It doesn’t matter that it might be taking a lot longer than you originally thought it would, you are slowly making your way there. It is the constant reminder of where you started versus where you are now that will keep things in perspective for you. Whether it be accomplishing a major personal goal or just a little thing to get you through the day, when you take a moment to break things into little sessions of progress, it makes it seem like a whole lot easier to reach the end.

It is also about focusing on your own journey and not noticing those around you. Comparison is not a good companion. It doesn’t matter if your friend was faster at something or if your neighbor took a different path, all that matters is how you are doing. Everyone is different, so that means that everyone’s journey is going to be different as well. It might seem as though it will come easier to other people, but sometimes it isn’t as rewarding. The challenges are what make us appreciate things more when they finally support us in our movement. The main thing that we get to focus on is how we are feeling and the progress that we are making. This is the one time you should be slightly selfish because this is all about you.

Unfortunately, good things don’t happen overnight. It is all about the development it took to get there and all of the effort that has been put into it. Avoid focusing on what everyone else is doing and instead, choose to focus on yourself and where you are in life, right now in the moment. When you remain focused on the journey and the progress that you are making, it allows you to have a wider perspective and find more joy. Just remember to take a step back, breathe, and say “Progress”.

Embrace Patience: Your Turn is Coming. Stay Determined and Ready!

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