Top Fashion Brands of Abaya

The trend of abayas of hijab has expanded to not just Muslim countries but many non-Muslim countries as well, to cater to millions of women living in there and for them to feel comfortable and confident and own their dressing choices. This idea of benefitting millions of Muslim women has led many Western fashion brands to introduce Islamic clothing lines and hence, we cannot see a bigger example of world progressing towards the better.

Aab Contemporary Modest Wear:

The Aab Contemporary Modest Wear collection is “set out to create garments that take into account, simplicity, style and comfort desired by Muslim women who find themselves playing multiple roles in today‘s society.” Aab aims to create versatile clothing for the girl who chooses the abaya for everyday or the girl who wants to just wear it to religious events. The Aab collection not only sports a hoodie dress in the most beautiful coffee color, but heavy embroidery on babydoll style abayas which flaunts the most gorgeous pleats a girl could ask for.


Amirah Couture:

‘New York State of Mind’ is the only way to describe Amirah Couture. The designer is just as ambitious in person as she forges new outlets for Abayas and Muslim fashion. Her website boasts “every purchase sends an impoverished girl to school,” which is not only impressive but also philanthropic. Amirah’s Black Ice collection is what you need for winter: velvet warmth and frosting (and we’re not just talking about cake).


Annah Hariri:

Annah Hariri converted to Islam ten years ago. After converting she did not want to sacrifice her chic fashion sense for modesty, and she began designing her own clothes. Annah Hariri knows the magic of fusing modesty with elegance and she just does that in her collection. Complimenting rich lace embellishment with star-like additions to chiffon. My absolute favorite are her cuts which she puts in simple chiffon with minor embellishments. I think I won't be wrong if I say that the minimalism is the keyword of her brand.



Bouguessa is one elegant brand that beats its counterparts when it comes to perfect sophistication and class. It gifts all women with a sense of glorifying confidence that they simply do not find elsewhere. It keeps its collection of mostly straight line abayas that look extravagantly unique and impressive. They combine their expertise and skills from the use of global culture and world art and put them into their designs, which is why they don’t have any competition. 


Haal Inc.:

Haal Inc. is a Saudi Arabia-based brand that was founded and initiated by Mariam Bin Mahfouz. The Hall Inc. relies on minimal overlays in its design and ensures that your wardrobe composes a bit of color, a bit of subtleness and a bit of fancy details to your clothing. This brand is all about diversity that it ends up creating all the designs that will be a perfect match for any girl and a perfect match for any occasion. It offers many contemporary designs so you have a wide area of choices to land on a single one.



Wondering who could be behind this no ordinary abaya brand Mauzan? Well, it has to be none other than the Rafia Helal who has been creating and designing abayas for about 20 years. The inspiration for her catchy and distinct designs come right from the people she creates the designs for. Yes, the core of her inspiration are the women she caters her magic to and other elements of art that she has been aspired by and hence, uses them in their designs. Her work isn’t unique just for no reason, but it stands out from the rest because of no fuss cuts in her designs and the delicate embellishments.

                                                Mauzan | The Art of Elegance

Nafs Design:

The Nafs design is one of the very few brands of abayas that offer some formal styles which will actually deem suitable for formal occasions. The great aspect about their outfits is that they can be dressed up or even down depending upon your priority and the occasion you are going to attend. Other great details that are added to the design include pleats, cutouts which are mostly sliced, and the coolest addition of graphic hemlines which add much more attraction to the outfits. Many Muslim women prefer the brand mostly because of its formal range of designs.



Meaning "veil", Ghudfah, the brand was launched in 2013 as a luxurious Abaya clothing brand. It took the fashion world by storm and even today stands among the top 10 abaya brands for 2020 for a reason. The brand is known to produce designs using premium-quality fabrics that are fashioned with high-class finishing. The brand is all about customer satisfaction which motivates it to deliver only the best. Not a doubt, this has definitely given the brand a huge fan following.



Malbus is modest fashion apparel brand of Pakistan which has been breaking the norms since ten years. The major motive behind this brand to aware people that they can look classy and elegant in abayas. The unique cuts and colors of its abayas make them different from other brands of Pakistan. That's why malbus claims to be the best brand of Abayas in Pakistan.



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