Top Fabrics for Abayas in Pakistan: A Comprehensive Guide

Abaya is quite an essential part of Pakistani culture. When it comes to modest clothing, abaya is the most used apparel in this continent. But over the past few years, abaya has evolved as a fashion statement. The summers are here and we understand that layering is much tough in this scorching heat. This blog will help you in choosing the right fabric for abayas in this season.


Delicately sheer and affordable fabric for abayas in Pakistan is Chiffon. It doesn’t only give you a luxurious look but also a breathable feel in this season. Due to its transparency and sheerness, it requires an inner or lining. But in order to meet your modest look, Malbus brought chiffon maxis in abayas style with attached lining that give you ultimate comfort without compromising your modesty.


Georgette is also considered an ideal fabric to carry in summer. With its similar features to chiffon, georgette is less transparent and can be carried without inners, but for comfort lining is required. 


For your formal occasions and to give you a luxurious modest look, there is no match for silk. Silk is a flowy buttery soft fabric that gives a dreamy flair to your abayas. Silk is famous for its quality and luxurious feel in Pakistan. Make your classy and embellished abaya in this fabric and pair it up with a matching silk hijab. 


This material is stretchy, single knit fabric that provides a complete coverage to your body without any fuss. Due to its versatile and wrinkle free nature, this fabric is quite common in the abaya industry. For your casual gatherings, jersey abayas provide you an effortless classy look.


Nida is the most comfiest and commonly used fabric for abayas in Pakistan. It has a silk texture with wrinkle free property. Malbus produces its major collection in this fabric with finest quality and stitching.


Due to its breathable nature, this fabric holds a special place in the heart of Pakistani fashion. Linen abayas are generally preferred in summers and especially on casual gatherings and as daily-wear.


Cotton is a stable fabric that can be found in every wardrobe in Pakistan. Cotton is famous amongst women due to its durability, breathable nature and most importantly its softness. Cotton abayas are considered as perfect for daily use as they provide ultimate comfort.


Crepe is famous for its graceful drape and luxurious feel. Crepe apparels are mostly worn in formal events with embellishments on them. To elevate your modest look, you can wear an abaya made of this fabric for a royal and stylish look at your special events.

The selection of fabric for your abaya plays a significant role in depicting your style statement. From the luxurious blend of silk to the breathable cotton, every fabric offers a unique style and comfort. Whether you’re embracing your traditional values or want to be a part of the modern fashion world, abaya would not compromise your style and modesty, if stitched with the right fabric and cuts.

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