Things Women Should Teach Their Daughters

Parenting can feel like a lonely journey sometimes, even when you know so many others have been in the same shoes before. Beyond your own friends and family (who may often be the toughest critics), there are other resources that can help moms feel less alone along the way. These real-life moms are sharing their own parenting journeys publicly—from the difficult challenges to the joyful moments that make up modern-day motherhood.

Piggyback Ride


Confidence is a life-long journey of ups and downs for almost everyone, but it doesn’t hurt when you have your mama encouraging you to be proud of who you are throughout your childhood and adolescence (and even adulthood!). Plus, it’s not an easy feat to teach young girls and boys confidence in today’s world.


Acceptance is all about valuing your individual differences. It's about being flexible, tolerant and open minded. It's also about knowing how to compromise, understanding that we all make mistakes and being ready to forgive. Sometimes, you have to agree to disagree. Acceptance makes everything easier to appreciate the good things of individuality.


We believe that every woman should aim to be a strong and independent. Here are some ways you can have an impact on your daughter’s future:

  • Model strength and self-assurance for her
  • Provide mentoring role models for her
  • Stay involved in her life; ask questions & offer alternative viewpoints to what she’s exposed to in her peer group
  • Travel with her, internationally if possible; get outside your comfort zone
  • Set up meetings with other women who are living life on their own terms

Gently liberate her from the dominant culture she’s living in. Don’t surrender to the status quo; instead, offer a different perspective every chance you get. If her group of peers is fully indoctrinated in a life pattern you don’t want your daughter to follow, try to help guide her toward other peers who may be healthier and more open to different life experiences.

Self Love

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Self love is the number one thing we believe that we need to instill in all children at a young age and nurture as we grow. And those brought up with moms who taught them just this are the first ones to scream it from the rooftops. If you want your daughters to learn self-love, you have to show them how it’s done first. You cannot teach them something that you don’t know yourself. Parental behavior is one of the biggest influences on children’s development. If you always practice self-love and self-care, your child will mirror this behavior.

Love and Compassion

Parents' love is always unconditional, they always love their children more than anything. Love is the only language which has a power to heal hearts. Along with self love, teach your daughters to love everyone, every creature in order to be the best citizen and best human of this world. Indeed, a woman is the one who leads a new generation and by your love and compassion she would be able to spread love in society in future. 

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Life always seems to present us with innumerable challenges and problems on a daily basis. It throws left hooks when we were expecting right ones; it gives us apples when we desire oranges; it even presents us with seemingly awful surprises that we weren’t expecting, and it bloats us with unresourceful emotions that tend to tie us down to a life of mediocrity and unhappiness. Failures are the part of life, without them we can't even take our first step of success. Teach your daughters not to give up whatever the situation would be. Stay firm and steady, it's always the darkest before dawn. 

Empower Your Daughter: Teach Her to Thrive and Soar!

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