Things We Should Teach Our Daughters

Things We Should Teach Our Daughters

Written by: Warda Kainat

It’s 2022 and we still believe in so many stupid things which shouldn’t be the part of our lives. The world is evolving and we have to leave things far behind for our own peace. Make this decade a revival of our lost wisdom. People talk about women empowerment, but why don’t we talk about the empowerment given by our Almighty. It’s a common saying that Al - Quran should be called as the Book of Women, because this book is full of women’s rights. At this moment, women don’t want any rights further, we just need to practice those which have already been mentioned in Al – Quran. Following things, you should teach your daughters.

Do What You Love, Not What Society Expects

People will always be going to judge no matter what you do. Always listen to your heart and keep yourself in the bounds told by Almighty Allah. Your ultimate goal must be to please Him. Because at the end He is going to give you the reward not the people.

Never Doubt Your Strengths

No one is perfect except Allah. We all are perfectly imperfect. All you need is faith in your life. Remember one thing that you can do anything, you just have to believe in your strengths and have faith in Him.

Everyone is Beautiful, Respect Everyone

We all are the creatures of Allah and we all are beautiful. You have to respect the individuality, everyone is different and beautiful in his/her own way.

Look for Positivity

Try to find something good in every situation. Even the bad days teach you a lesson. Allah says,

                                                     So, verily, with every difficulty, there is a relief               (94:5)

Value Opinions of others

Even if you don’t trust people, try to understand them. You can’t conclude that from which circumstances one is going through. Do understand them and respect their personal opinions.


Everyone is naturally different and this is the beauty of individuality that no one is like you. Everyone has flaws, try to accept the flaws of each other. Meanwhile, work on your flaws and become a better person with every passing day. Remember, growing is a memento of living. 

Focus on Mental and Physical Health not on Appearance

Mental health must be your top priority at any cost. Do not let anyone to harm or abuse you. You’re the one wo needs to draw her own limits. Depression is real. Pray to the Lord and ask Him for peace, indeed He is the only one who always loves you more than anything and always be with you in your hard times.

                                                                  Fear not, surely Allah is with us                 (9:40)

Failure is Just an Experience

Without failure, you cannot learn. Though failures are hard to digest but teach you the lifetime lesson and you cannot succeed in your life without having a failure. But do not let these failures to let your morale down, don’t let them to stop you.

                                           And your Lord is going to give you, and you will be satisfied.              (93:5)

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