Rumli - Festive Collection

Written by: Warda Kainat

Finally, the season has come when everyone is confused in what to wear. In today’s world, where brands are producing versatile collections, one can’t find his/her desired product. In Rumli Collection, malbus introduced the formal collection of kimonos and abaya for the very first time in Pakistan. When you’re following modest clothing then you need to be a little picky on your formal events. At least with us, you don’t have to be worried. You can get glam and modesty under one roof now.


Kimonos are malbus’ signature products and we make sure that from the quality of our products to the quality of thread using in their embellishments would never disappoint our customers. From Modest to Modish and from Formal to Fun, our kimonos are all set to lit up your events.


Step into the world of festivities with Malbus and the Rumli Festive Collection. Explore our exquisite range of fashion, perfect for making a statement during special occasions. Shop now and elevate your festive style.

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