Promoting Diversity

Written by: Warda Kainat

In our hustling lives to survive, we are merely making a difference in society. We follow the same routine as thousands of other people in our country. On the other hand, there are some heroes who struggle to find a platform for their recognition, every single day. All they need is acknowledgment and equal opportunities for their voiceless protests in Pakistan.

I truly believe that we all are perfectly imperfect. But sometimes few imperfections are prominent enough that they are called as ‘disability’ by the society. Not a single individual can have a perfect level of all the desired qualities of a human. Perfection is subjective because its definition entirely depends on one’s social, moral and cultural norms and standards.

Disabilities make people abled in so many ways. They have skills and attitude which rest of the people lack. Sometimes society sets its norms that creates hurdles in accomplishing their goals. It’s a right of every individual that he/she can excel in the respective field according to their capabilities and skills.

Sakina Batool is a deaf influencer, activist, and content creator. For the past three years, Sakina has been actively exploring and creating content. She has been working hard to empower women, uplift the deaf community, and promote deaf tourism in Pakistan.

Instead of giving up on the challenges, she faced since her childhood, Sakina stood strong and aimed to make a difference. She has successfully established a platform to support deaf women and the community as a whole. She is using her content to reach out to both the hearing and deaf communities, with the goal of bridging the communication gap.


Malbus always believes in promoting diversity through every channel. This time also malbus got the opportunity to welcome a beautiful soul who is differently abled to promote its core objective, modesty. Sakina is a deaf hijabi girl who has the spark to do so many things on her own. We are glad to announce officially that Sakina is now our Brand Ambassador and we’re promoting modesty together.

We always wanted a face for our brand whose personality ought not be contradictory with our brand image – the face or personality that meets all the parameters of modesty. Sakina is an Instagram influencer with 15k+ followers, she chose to be a hijabi even when the circumstances are not in her favor. After having a meetup with her, we decided that she would be the perfect face for the position of our brand ambassador and the entire team malbus is really honored to welcome her on board.

Before this, you only know Sakina – an Instagram deaf influencer and content creator. But despite all these, you all must aware of the hidden talent of her which can be seen in her videos and content she produces. But this time, her face is revealed as a brand ambassador of malbus – a modest fashion apparel brand. Hijab is a crown of a Muslim Woman and we truly praise Sakina for choosing hijab as her identity and not compromising on it despite having peer pressure. 


We know that the private sector is directly affected by gender inequality, which can have a negative impact on a company’s growth and development. Since its inception, malbus' prime objective has always been empowering women. Promoting diversity in our little workspace is our ultimate goal. Joining hands with Sakina is also an accomplishment on our way to acquire milestones. 

Experience the beauty of diversity with Malbus. Explore our inclusive collection that celebrates different cultures and styles. Shop now and embrace the power of fashion to promote unity and acceptance.

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