Positive Vibes

We often look at our productivity journey as a solo effort. We tell ourselves that we have to bring the energy and motivation alone. And it’s true a lot of an intentional and focused life is spent “alone.” No one else is there when our alarm goes off in the morning, after all.

Even at work, where technically we’re a part of a team, we may hide in our little corners to work on our individual contributions, contributing individual energy.

I know this life well. I go to the gym, and on runs, with my headphones on and my head down. I do my best work when I’m unbothered by others. Then I like my peace and quiet while I’m winding down before the recommended eight-to-nine hours of sleep. (I never get that much.)

Rise and grind, gamers. Every morning. All year long.

Now, as the year begins to come to a close, I’ve started to reflect on the way I walk through my day to day. I’m questioning the assumptions that I’ve carried with me for what feels like forever. Including that “head down, nose to grindstone, headphones on” mentality that has become such a part of me that I almost don’t remember what it was like before.

But why do we go it alone? How did that become The Way Things Have To Be? I posit that it’s an exercise in self-sabotage. It might be the single hardest version of the path we can choose for ourselves, on top of the hard work we already have to do.

When do you feel the most energy from the world around you? Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, you can’t deny that people—people you like and love, anyway—bring light to our lives.

Being around people. Feeling the energy of others, observing them, laughing with them. Did you ever feel a pep in your step after you leave a party or a concert and you don’t know why? Maybe it’s because you’re filled up for once. I say we go towards that feeling and see what it can do for us.

We don’t have to go it alone. It may feel like the right way to do it because it’s harder. But it’s not the more noble choice. It’s just kind of boneheaded. You don’t need to make things harder for yourself.

So this holiday season, if you’re struggling for motivation, or need something to pull you back to Earth and put your work back into context, look around. There are people, and animals, and communities that can make this journey a bit easier.

When we’re burned out, it can feel like there’s nothing in the world that can make us feel normal again. And being alone, physically or metaphorically, only exacerbates that feeling. Walls can feel like they’re closing in.

But then you might get invited to a party or a concert. Or a friend may call you on a random Sunday just to check in. Or the barista at the coffee shop says they like your shirt. And in those little moments, there are glimmers of light. And those glimmers can lead to full rays of sunlight, and inspiration, and calm.

Spend time giving your energy to people and your community. See what it does for you. Then, when you go back to your desk to work, see how you feel. There may be a new latent confidence you have access to. You just had fun hanging out with all those people who chose to hang out with you, after all. They laughed at your jokes! They reminded you of the real you. And the real you can do anything. 

Experience the transformative power of nature. Embrace its beauty, find solace in its serenity, and let the malbus of positivity envelop your soul. Step into the realm of positive vibes today and let them uplift your spirit!

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