Written by: Warda Kainat

malbus – originated from Persian word Malbosat, means covering. The first step to civilization is being modest. Centuries back when human was declared as superior among all creatures, it was needed to draw a difference between humans and other animals. Humans started covering their private parts. But with the passage of time, humans became more civilized and the concept of modesty was introduced. Every religion of the world provokes Modesty and asks its followers to wear decent clothes.

malbus has come up with this idea of modesty which is not following a specific preaching or culture but introduced fusion in such a way that attracts a person from anywhere in the world belonging to any religion. If you are wandering for a modest collection, malbus will be your right choice.

By keeping in view the needs of continent, we have launched a wide range of Abayas along with the hijabs and other modest wear.

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