Malbus Ramadan Sale: Enjoy 20% OFF

Every year Ramadan brings its own peace, reflection, and fulfillment. It’s that time of the year when families come together, offer prayers, and observe fasting. It’s a time when kindness is shared among people and good deeds are extended. At Malbus, we believe in spreading happiness and embracing the true essence of this Holy Month, Ramadan. To embrace this spirit, we are thrilled to announce mega discounts with 20% off on the entire stock.

In the blessings of this holy month, Ramadan, we offer flat 20% off on our entire stock. While in the competition of Eid Collections, many brands raise their prices during this month to boost their sale, we are committed to prioritize our customers and do the opposite. We acknowledge the significance of the scarcity of this holy month and want our products to be affordable for everyone in this economic tension. Malbus wants its customers to indulge in modesty without being heavy on their pockets.

Our versatile range of abayas and kimonos caters to everyone’s style, whether you want it to be minimalistic yet stylish or you want to slay in any event. The luxurious and breathable fabric used in our products makes our apparel ideal for all seasons. We believe that modesty is not only constrained to abayas and kimonos, but it depends upon how you carry it with the element of your own style statement. From maxis to skirts and from abayas to kimonos, we have a wide collection of modest wear for all age groups and style preferences.

The ones whose priority is sophistication, then our kimonos are the best choice for them. The embellishments and embroidered hand work on luxurious fabric will definitely make you Suhoor and Iftaars memorable this Ramadan. Our kimonos are super comfy to be worn on any occasion. While if you don’t want to compromise your style then make our maxis your style statement. Our comfy chiffon maxis are super light weight and breathable that you can wear them on Taraweeh Prayers.

When it comes to style and fashion, every look is incomplete without accessories. Indeed the accessories elevate your entire look and appearance. We have a vast and premium collection of hand-made hijab pins and bracelets. The intricate details and the use of semi precious stones in them, make these accessories a perfect pick with your apparel this Ramadan.

Malbus believes that Ramadan is a reminder of compassion and contentment. By offering a discount of flat 20% off on entire stock, we take a step ahead to promote modesty at affordable prices where your fashion and style are not compromised. Embrace the spirit of divinity and elegance with discounted bundles in this sacred month.

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