How to Wear a Silk Hijab

If you’re a regular hijabi, forget everything you thought you knew about traditional hijabs. Silk hijab is here to rewrite the rules of style. Whether you are dressed for a casual day-out or a formal event, a silk hijab can elevate your look, offering a combination of comfort and style. 

Despite the glamour a silk hijab adds to your outfit, most women find it hard to style because of its smooth and slippery texture. In this blog post, we will discuss how to style silk hijabs properly. 

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Why Silk Hijabs?

When choosing a hijab, it is essential to choose a fabric that works for you. While most women prefer georgette or chiffon hijabs, silk hijabs have become a staple for women who want to combine modesty and style.

mint green silk hijab online in Pakistan

As a fabric, silk has been appreciated for its classy feel. It has properties that make it breathable and gentle on the skin for all-day wear. The shine of silk hijab makes your outfit elegant and appropriate for formal events. 

How-to: Style A Silk Hijab 

Check out these tried-and-tested tips to carry a silk hijab like a pro:

Tie The Hair Properly

The first step in wearing a hijab is to secure the hair properly. Tie your hair into a bun on the crown of your head to create an even base for the hijab. Use hair clips to avoid loose strands that may give the hijab a messy look. Use volumizer scrunchies to achieve that beautiful bun look in the hijab. 

Sand Peach Volumizer scrunchie in pakistan

Use a Hijab Cap

To avoid your silk hijab from slipping over your head, wear a hijab cap underneath. Malbus offers a wide variety of breathable and comfortable hijab caps, such as the headband, tie knot bonnet, and tube bonnet types to suit your needs. 

beige hijab head band for women

Choose The Right Style

To rock a silk hijab at different events, choose a style that fits the occasion. For office wear, try wearing the babushka style. It gives a professional, polished look and keeps your hair in place. You can try a bandana or a turban style for a casual outing as well. These styles give a more relaxed and laid-back look. So, opt for the drape that matches your personal style. 

Secure With Hijab Pins or Hijab Magnets

The key to a stable silk hijab is using hijab pins, lots of them. Secure the hijab with pins wherever you can. Avoid using blunt pins as they can damage the silk cloth. To prevent this, you may also use hijab magnets. They keep the hijab in place without poking holes in your hijab. Visit Malbus to view a range of beautiful hijab pins and hijab magnets. 


Accessorizing your silk hijab with minimal jewelry gives it a polished look. A little goes a long way. Wear some gold studs or bracelets to get a cohesive look. You can also pair the hijab with a contrasting-colored outfit to look your best. 

In a Nutshell

To sum up, silk hijabs are a beautiful and versatile addition to any wardrobe. Remember, practice makes you perfect. The more styles you try with your silk hijabs, the better you will get at them. Grab the best silk hijabs in Pakistan at Malbus and get your hands on our beautiful collection of silk hijabs

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