How to Style Your Hijab Cap for full Coverage

Hijab caps are the perfect combo for casual hijab styles, providing full coverage with a classy look. The fun part is, they help you get ready in just five minutes! All you need to do is simply put your hair in a bun, pull on the hijab cap, drape your scarf on your head, and there you go! 

Regardless of their length, hijab caps offer complete coverage, covering your neck area and hiding your hair. Check out this blog as we outline several chic and trendy ways to style your hijab caps: 

Classic Hijab Style With Hijab Cap

For a classic, timeless hijab style, all you need is a hijab and a hijab cap — no extra pins, safety magnets or hijab accessories are needed. Simply put on the hijab cap and wear the hijab with one side longer than the other. Drape the longer side behind your shoulder and you’re good to go!

mauve silk hijab in Pakistan

This simple yet elegant style provides full coverage and a sophisticated, effortless look without any hassle. You can just do it in five minutes and easily pull off this easy breezy style.

Trendy Hijab Style

For a chic and fashionable look, try wearing hijab caps or under-scarves that look more fashionable and are more accessorized. These hijab caps can be adorned with pearls, flowers, bows or intricate stitching designs for an extra stylish touch. They are  equally easy to wear as under scarf hijabs and require minimal effort. 

The perk with wearing these trendy under caps is that even though it took you no longer than five minutes to adjust your scarf, it would still give out the impression of putting the effort into your look, making you appear more stylish and up-to-date.  

Wedding/Party Hijab Caps

Most girls who wear hijab daily want to look a little different at events but may not feel comfortable with removing their hijab entirely. Malbus offers the perfect solution!

We have a range of under caps in various colors that are perfect for any event, along with styling tips and tricks for these occasions. The truth is, wearing hijab underscarves at weddings or parties can save you from a whole lot of trouble. 

beige tie back hijab cap for women in pakistan

For such events, we recommend wearing your hijab cap without covering your ear so you can accessorize with earrings and necklaces. This way, you can glam up for the event while wearing your hijab with confidence. 

Neck Coverage Hijab Styles

Another popular hijab cap style includes those that also cover your neck area. Available in multiple designs, some hijab caps offer full neck coverage, making them ideal for girls who prefer to cover both their hair and neck. 

These caps are perfect for daily wear. For business events, you can pair those with a pendant placed over the hijab cap, adding a touch of elegance to your look.  

Layered Hijab With Hijab Caps

Layered Hijabs have become quite popular in Pakistan over the past few years, offering a trendy, unique and aesthetic look that enhances your overall beauty. 

Start by dividing the scarf into one longer and one shorter side. Wear the hijab cap under the scarf and pin it in place. Take the remaining portion of your hijab from the back and layer it on top of your head. 

Finally, use the longer end to create one last layer, which will help cover your neck area. This layered look is both stylish and practical. 

A significant issue people face with daily hijab wear is slippage, which can mess up your entire look. With a hijab cap, you do not need not to worry about the slippage. The cap perfectly covers your hair and stays in place, and remains secure throughout the day, eliminating the need for constant adjustments. 

Final Thoughts

All-in-all, not only are hijab caps easier to use, they also save time that is usually spent setting the hijab without one. You can confidently go about your day with an elegant hijab, looking polished and put together. Malbus offers a variety of hijab caps in different colors and styles for all your occasions. Take it as your cue and shop from the best hijab cap collection.

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