How to Style Modern Hijab

We have seen in recent years how the hijab has evolved as a symbol of style worldwide. Hijab is merely a symbol of religion anymore, rather it is considered as a style statement and even many Non-Muslim women wear this scarf as a fashion accessory. Modern hijab for women is more a depiction of fusion of traditions and contemporary art. From different textures to subtle and bold prints, hijabs have become a style statement for everyone.

Fabric Matters

As Summer is around the corner, opt for hijab styles whose fabric is lightweight, super breathable and unique. In the Middle East and especially in Pakistan, chiffon and georgette hijabs are more popular in women. Drape your hijabs in a way that won’t disturb your comfort and ease. For this, a hijab cap is always recommended that not only provides consistent coverage but also gives you fuss free styling.

Color Palette and Prints

Don't be scared to add some flare and individuality to your hijab look. Choose colors, patterns, or designs that go well with your skin tone and attire. Choose monochromatic designs for a polished and refined attitude, or mix and match colors to create eye-catching combinations.

Experiment with Styles

There are a gazillion ways to wear a hijab, ranging from easy wraps to complex folds. Discover numerous ways to wrap for different events and emotions, such as the traditional square fold, the turban style, or the draped hijab. To get fresh style ideas, check for internet tutorials or seek ideas from fashion bloggers and influencers.

Accessorize your Look

You may elevate your hijab styles with accessories. Accessorize your look with bold brooches, hair clips, or earrings to draw attention to your style and offer a glamorous touch. Just be careful not to overdo your ensemble; pick one or two items that enhance rather than detract from your look.


Another way to slay your hijab is layering without looking extraordinary. Try layering several hijab types or wearing yours with cardigans, vests, or coats to give warmth and depth. To find the ideal ratio of humility to flair, experiment with different lengths and materials. Moreover, to look more stylish and chic, you can try different tones of hijabs for layering purposes that perfectly compliments your attire.

Style Matters

The shape of your face should be considered when you’re going to style your hijab. Choose elongating designs for round faces, such the triangular fold or side-swept hijab. Keep experimenting with different looks; most hijab designs are wearable on oval faces. Soften your angles with draped styles or loosely knotted wraps that softly frame your face if you have a square face.


Less is more, most of the time. Choose minimalist hijab styles that emphasize simple, elegant basics to embrace the beauty of simplicity. For an elegant and catchy appearance, go for pastel hues, sleek silhouettes, and a few accessories for a timeless fashion.

Slay Your Events

Adjust your hijab style according to your event. Use exquisite draping techniques and materials like silk or satin for formal occasions. For everyday wear, go for breezy fabrics and loose wraps; for a fun night out with friends, try for some bright colors and lively motifs.

The key to styling a modern hijab is confidence, uniqueness, and self-expression. There are several options to consider, whether you like modern flare or timeless elegance. Try different materials, hues, designs, and accessories to see what suits you the best. Don't be scared to experiment outside of your comfort zone. Wherever you travel, you'll be sure to draw attention and create a fashionable statement if you keep these pointers in mind.

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