How To Style Long Co-ord Sets?

Wearing long co-ord sets has become a popular trend in the fashion world these days. These all overs and a minimalist cut are a choice of everyone this summer. These matching 2 piece co-ords can be dressed up or down to fit a range of events, seasons, and preferences. Long co-ord sets can be your go-to pick for a sophisticated evening event, a professional business environment, or a casual day out. This is how to dress them flawlessly.

What Are Co-Ord Sets

Co-ord sets are made up of shirts and bottoms that match and are meant to be worn together. Specifically, lengthier pieces like pants with long or mid length shirts are referred to as co-ords. These outfits' effortless style and versatility are what make them so beautiful. Here are some styling suggestions for various events.

A Casual Day Out

Choose a co-ord set composed of comfy materials like cotton or linen for a carefree, relaxed style. For a comfiest and a light day, a long sleeve top with roomy legs matched with wide-leg trousers is ideal. Moreover, in this scorching heat, you can style them up with simple and cozy flip flops.

Work Attire

Long coordinate sets can be a chic take on the office uniform. Choose sets composed of materials that are more structured, such as suiting materials or polyester blends. An excellent option for the office is a set of fitted trousers and a button down mid length shirt. This apparel will not only provide you a complete coverage and modest look but also elevate your style statement. You can carry the nude or pastel toned co-ords with bold solid hijabs to make your own style statement. 

An Evening Charm

Opt for co-ord outfits made of opulent materials like velvet, silk, or satin for a more glam appearance that is appropriate for dinner parties or nighttime occasions. These kinds of events can look amazing with a long and wide length palazzo and matching top. Go with strappy sandals or high heels. These shoes are ideal for evening wear since they provide elegance and height. Make a statement with your accessories. A glittering clutch, a statement pair of earrings, or a big bracelet can add interest to your outfit. To add glitz, go for items with elaborate designs or sparkling details.

Seasonal Styling

Given their adaptability, long co-ord sets are appropriate for every season. Pick airy, light materials for Spring/Summer, such cotton, linen, or chiffon. These materials will provide you with comfort and cooling. For Autumn/Winter, choose thicker materials such as velvet, tweed, or wool mixes. These textiles provide your clothing with coziness and warmth.

Mixing And Matching

The ability to mix and match co-ord sets is one of their biggest benefits. You can make different looks by pairing the top or bottom with other pieces from your closet. Pair the skirt or pants with a separate shirt. An eye-catching top, a big jumper or even a simple blouse can completely alter the look of the ensemble.

With so many styling options for every event, long co-ord sets are a great addition to any wardrobe. You can modify your co-ord ensemble to fit formal evening occasions, business situations, and informal outings by selecting the appropriate materials, accessories, and layers. Accept the adaptability and simplicity of co-ord sets and showcase your individuality with these stylishly coordinated ensembles. Slay in your favorite co-ord sets by Malbus and make your own style statement. 

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