How To Look Slim in a Maxi Dress

When you start embracing modesty, maxi dresses are a great option. They provide an elegant look while keeping you in style. However, some women find it difficult to look slim in these flowy long dresses. Considering this problem, our fashion experts have curated some tips and tricks to look slim in long maxi dresses

In this blog post, we will discuss the right clothes, colors, and cuts for a slim and stylish silhouette. Keep reading to discover how you can achieve your dream of a modest maxi dress without looking more than your weight. 

long maxi dress with buttons for girls in pakistan

The Right Fabric

Choosing the right type of fabric is the key to looking thinner. Some fabrics, such as net, velvet, or tissue, do not have a seamless flow and can make you look bulkier. So, opt for fabrics that drape on your body and do not add volume, such as cotton, silk, jersey, or cashmere. 

Well-fitted Silhouette

To look slimmer, choose maxi dresses with a well-fitted silhouette. This can be achieved by opting for structured dresses that minimize your belly area. You may also achieve a more fitted look by layering your maxi dress with a cropped jacket for a more structured look. 

Colors and Patterns

The effect a simple color analysis can have on how slim you look in a maxi dress will shock you. 

For a thinner look:

  • Wear a monochrome outfit without color breaks that reduce your length.
  • Darker colors hug your body in the right places, giving it a slimmer look.
  • Go for a maxi dress with a lighter color on top and a darker one at the bottom. This will draw attention to the top and create a slimming effect towards the bottom.

Solid-colored dresses are generally preferred to achieve a more elongated look. However, if you are a fan of patterns, go for smaller prints rather than larger ones. Vertical line patterns give the illusion of a tall, slim silhouette. 

women in modest long floral mint green maxi dress & emerald hijab

Importance of Layering

Layering your long maxi dresses can also add a slimming effect. As suggested before, you can either layer them with a fitted cropped jacket that gives your body more structure by hitting your waistline, or you can go for a long cardigan that flows to your thighs. Either way, layering adds length to your torso. 

Accentuate the Waist

Accentuating your waist defines the shape of your body, giving you a thinner look. Malbus offers maxi dresses for women with built-in elastics and belts to define your waistline. If you choose another belt for a more stylish look, wear it just below your rib-cage, as it is the thinnest part of the waist for most people. 

The Right Footwear

One last tip for a slimmer look with maxi dresses is choosing the right footwear type. High heels add some inches to your height, but many people find them uncomfortable. Consider choosing more comfortable alternatives, such as wedges. Moreover, make sure that your footwear is pointy and gold or nude in color, so it can blend with your skin to give you a taller look. 

Malbus Can Help!

To sum it all up, you can look slim in a maxi dress by choosing the right clothes, color, and cut. Follow these tips to get a more fitted look while maintaining the grace and elegance of a maxi dress. 

If you are looking for maxi dresses for women that do not look bulky, visit us at Malbus. We offer a wide variety of maxi dresses in various colors and sizes to suit all body shapes. Place your order now and take your first step toward your perfect maxi dress!

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