How to Keep Your Chiffon Hijabs Looking New!

In modest fashion, chiffon hijabs are considered as an epitome of timeless elegance and versatility. Due to its delicacy and light-weighed property, it’s the choice of every hijabi. Summers are here, and chiffon hijabs are commonly used by everyone. This blog highlights the tips and ways of keeping the grace and look of your chiffon hijabs alive.

Embracing The Buttery Soft Touch

With its sheer texture, the chiffon hijab demands extra care, when it comes to draping. Use liquid detergents, luke warm water and avoid washing machines to wash your chiffon hijabs. The threads used in such hijabs are quite delicate and can easily be torn if not treated properly.

Avoid Direct Exposure of Heat

Chiffon hijabs do not share friendly terms with direct sunlight. After washing, dry them out in a shady area. Due to its luxurious nature and finest fibers used, direct exposure to the sun can harm and affect its colors. 

Gentle Care

Due to its delicate nature, chiffon hijab fabrics are susceptible to snags and pulls. Safety pins and extra hijab accessories can ruin the appearance of your hijab in a blink of an eye.  Instead use hijab magnets to keep your hijab sustainable for a longer period of time. When it comes to storage, fold them nicely and use a separate drawer and storage box to prevent them from dust.

Precautionary Measures

Prevention is the only key when it comes to protecting the condition of hijab. Due to its delicacy, and transparent texture, wearing a hijab cap is recommended. The cap doesn’t only prevent hijab from hair oil and sweating but also gives you a static look and complete coverage. Moreover, be cautious when applying perfume or hairspray while wearing your hijab, as these products can leave stains or alter the hijab fabrics’ texture.

Steam Over Ironing

Sometimes you can’t press your chiffon hijabs with screen printing and embellishments on it. Do not remove its wrinkles by putting heavy ordinary irons on them, instead use a hand steamer. The steamer doesn’t only protect the hijab against the extreme heat but also protects the embellishments and printing on it. 

Removing Stains

Accidents happen sometimes, but stains have nothing to do with your hijab if treated rightly and take proper precautions. If you get a stain on your hijab, remove it quickly with a clean and moist cloth or wipe. Do not rub that wipe over the surface of the hijab, instead let it absorb the extra fluid from the stain. To absorb oil from the grease stain, put some talcum powder on the stained area and leave it for a few hours. After some time, brush off the powder and rinse it normally.

Periodic Maintenance

By adding a little regular maintenance, you can enhance the lifespan of your chiffon hijabs. Take your time out and examine your hijab if there are any loose threads or fraying edges. Cut off the extra threads in case your hijab is torn. Try out a recent collection of Malbus Hijabs, and revamp your wardrobe. Repetitive use of the same hijab also causes damage to your chiffon hijab, so it's time to upgrade your collection.

Final Thoughts

Chiffon hijabs are the epitome of modest design, their delicate beauty expressing grace and elegance. You can guarantee that your chiffon hijabs will continue to look stunning for many years to come by adopting delicate care techniques and including preventive measures into your daily regimen. To ensure that you can continue to dress yourself in these dreamy embraces with the same freshness and elegance as the day they became yours, keep in mind that every gentle touch and preventive step is an investment in maintaining their attractiveness. Chiffon hijabs in Pakistan are in fashion trends now, shop your favorite shade, from pastels to bolds, and elevate your style statement with Malbus.

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