How to fall in love with summer season?

Written by: Warda Kainat

Depending on the region you’re living in, summers usually call for outdoor cooking, long lazy days, and picnics at beaches or parks. Plus, schools are usually off for summer holidays during June and July, so, naturally, children also look forward to enjoying their time away from tests and grades. Summer season is considered as the best season of the year. Here are some reasons why you should love this season.


The only season in which you can plan holidays and go to vacation with your family. Pakistan is one of those countries who are naturally blessed with tourist spots. Millions of people around the world come to visit northern areas of Pakistan in summer. Forget the hustle of this and take out some ‘me time’ for you – it’s a must need.



I think we all love summers more just because of this tropical fruit which we waited almost whole year. Mango is a specialty of Pakistan and that’s why Pakistan is considered as the biggest exporter of mangoes. Although, this fruit is grown over 100 countries of the world, Pakistan remains its fourth largest producer. And yes, due to its popularity it’s a national fruit of Pakistan


Summer Break:

Summer is the longest season in most parts of the country. As such, the summer months in Pakistan usually begin from April and last in September. Since the duration is quite long, the weather gets extremely harsh from May to July while the mid of July usually calls for monsoon and thunderstorms.

Owing to the harsh weather, schools and colleges across the country usually announce summer breaks lasting at least eight to twelve weeks on average. The summer holidays in Pakistan usually fall between May to July, when the weather is too hot to handle. So yeah, you can say that summer is also a tough time for mommies, just on a lighter note.


Summer Delicacies:

The list of exciting things about summer in Pakistan is never-ending but nothing beats the joy of finding your favourite food or drink in markets or at home. 

Besides devouring mangoes, there are some more foods and drinks that we enjoy having in summer. Whether it’s about having a full glass of buttermilk lassi or finding watermelons on makeshift stalls, or simply having a glass of rooh afza – summer is a perfect time for us to enjoy our favourite food in a chilled AC room or under a clear blue sky. 

Furthermore, there’s an amazing array of summer vegetables in Pakistan. Eggplant, okra, cucumber, gourd, groundnut, sweet potato, peppers, squash and many such vegetables are available in abundance.  



Just when the weather starts to get unbearably warm, it starts raining in most regions of the country. The mid of July or and August marks the beginning of monsoon in Pakistan – where the hottest areas of the country including Karachi and Lahore experience extremely pleasant weather. 

Generally, kids head out or get up on the terrace to take a shower under the rain while most adults stay indoors and enjoy a hot cup of tea with fritters. The summer season flowers and trees around the country get a good wash while everything and everyone fills with joy.

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Now, we will wrap up our post on the best things about the summer season in Pakistan. From the duration of summer months in Pakistan to the list of best fruits and vegetables, we have shared everything that is considered among the unique gifts of this season. Before we sing-off, we’d like to mention a few things.

Since we had mentioned that summer in the country is usually hot so you need to be extremely careful while going out. Keep in mind that the heat is completely harmless unless you are hydrated, well-fed, and not going out unnecessarily during noon. It might sound cliché but following our tips can dramatically change the way you feel about the summer heat. 

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