How to Choose Right Hijab Colors for Your Skin Tone

Picking the right skin shade hijab for yourself is essential. You have to make sure that you look elegant in your hijabs, while pulling it off like a boss lady that you are! 

To do that, you need to determine what hijab colors suit your skin tone so that you don’t opt for shades that neutralize your skin type.

Not sure how to do that? This article will help you determine your skin undertone and list the best hijab colors for all skin tone types.

Understanding Skin Undertones

There are a lot of ways to choose the right hijab colors for yourself, but here we’ll talk about the most effective one: opting for hijab colors according to your skin undertones.

Beautiful Navy Blue Silk Hijab in Pakistan

Think of skin undertones as the overall perspective of your skin color. Most people lie under three categories of skin undertones: warm, cool, and neutral. 

Once you know what kind of complexion you possess, you can check what type of colors are best for your skin tone. Let’s help you find out about your skin type first.

What is My Skin Undertone?

There are three ways to discover your skin undertone type. They are:

1. Color Check

You need to look in the mirror and find out what colors are more prominent on your body. If you see a peach and brownish complexion, then you likely have a warm skin tone. On the flip side, if you see an overall complexion of pink, red, or blue, then you are more on the cool undertone type. 

2. Jewelry Check

Think about what color of jewelry you usually wear. Does gold blend in nicely with your skin or is it silver? Generally, gold jewelry looks lovely on people with warm skin undertone and silver is more suitable for people with cool skin tones.

3. Veins Check 

The easiest way to determine your skin undertone is by checking the color of your veins on your wrists. If your veins seem green then you have a warm skin undertone, and if your veins appear bluish then you hold a cool skin undertone. 

And lastly, if you cannot decide even after applying these three methods, then you possess a neutral skin undertone. As the name implies, neutral is something in the middle of cool and warm which is hard to catch by the above-mentioned techniques.

dark green hijab for women

How to Choose the Right Hijab Colors for Your Skin Tone?

Once you’ve identified your skin undertone, you need to look for colors that will complement your skin color. Let’s talk about the preferable colors for each skin type.

Colors For Warm Skin Undertone

Warmer hijab colors like burgundy, yellow, and shades of brown are best suited for people with warm skin undertones. Moreover, you can also go for orange, navy blue, gold, teal and olive green. These colors will blend in perfectly with your skin color.

Colors For Cool Skin Undertone

If you’re light or medium-skinned, then cool-colored hijabs will look best on you. So, you need to choose from a spectrum of light colors like sky blue, pink, white, beige, and light green. The thing is, you can opt for any color, but make sure that it’s the lighter shade of that color.

Colors For Neutral Skin Undertone

People with neutral skin undertones are very lucky because almost all hijab colors look good on them. But the colors that are best suited are those that are in the middle: not too cool and not too warm. These colors include gray, silver, coffee, cream, off-white etc.

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