How Do You Wear A Hijab For The First Time?

Embracing a divine journey and wearing hijab for the first time is indeed an empowering and a significant moment for any woman. It’s not about opting for a hijab or making it a choice for the lifetime, but it’s a symbol of devotion and faith in Almighty that you’re following His orders. For the beginners, wearing hijab might be a discomfort but no worries this blog will help you out.

The Divine Purpose

Wearing a hijab is a practical approach that depicts how religious you are and how much divinity your personality depicts. The hijab is not only a piece of a cloth but it’s a responsibility that you need to carry in this society. It’s a first step to go on the long road of modesty and restrain yourself from every wrongdoing.

Slay In Your Own Way

There are several ways of carrying hijabs as per the wide variety of available fabrics, and lengths. Do consider your face cut before opting any style as your signature one. As summers are around the corner, so in order to make your hijab collection, go for pastel tones and breathable fabric that won’t disturb your comfort. For formal occasions, you can go for a chiffon and georgette hijab with some embellishments on it.

Basic Hygiene

Don’t forget that cleanliness is half of our faith. Covering your head for all time especially in sunlight and outdoors in summer may cause sweating, so in order to avoid such a situation taking a shower is a must thing, and make sure that you won’t tie wet or damp hair. Additionally, you can wear a cotton made hijab band or tube-bonnet underneath your hijab.

Don’t Rush

Being a beginner, don’t rush things. While draping your hijab around your head, take your enough time and make sure it provides complete coverage. Start by placing the hijab on your head and ensure the one end is longer than the other one. By putting the shorter one on your front, drape the longer one again around your head or neck as per your preference. Moreover, you throw the longer side of hijab at your back without any further draping for a casual yet modest look.

Practice Makes The Man Perfect

Carrying a hijab for a beginner is not an easy task. But girl Go On! Practice makes the man perfect! Keep trying new styles until you find your signature and the comfiest one because at the end comfort matters. You can watch youtube tutorials or follow some hijabi influencers for inspiration.

Wear Your Crown

Wearing a hijab is not just a first step towards modesty, it’s a confidence that you are wearing and slaying your hijab like a crown. It's about making your identity and choosing your faith over everything. Stand firm, walk with confidence and let your inner beauty conquer the world.

Prioritize Your Peace

Choosing a hijab is indeed a challenging decision emotionally and socially as well. So surround yourself with people who support you on this journey and always motivate you to become the better version of you. Don’t let people destroy your inner peace and faith.

Accessorize Your Hijab

For a better appearance and to look stylish, wear accessories like hijab magnets, brooches and hijab pins to elevate your fashion game. Moreover, you can carry earrings and a light-weight necklace with a turban style. Make your Hijab your own Style Statement. As a beginner and to look modest you can slay your hijab look with maxi dresses first rather directly carrying abaya.

Remember, you are not alone on this divine journey, get love and support from your loved ones and embrace your faith in this whole journey. Choosing hijab is indeed a courageous step and may you all be blessed for this decision.

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