How I became a Hijabi from a non-Hijabi? - A Journey to Freedom

Written by: Warda Kainat

Seeing hijabi women in my teens always made me curious that how they can strictly carry their hijab all the time. It was the time when I, myself, used to be a happy go lucky girl, an independent soul, free of fears. A girl who just wanted to fly and didn’t care about the world. My transition into a hijabi woman has also its own story. I think it’s the time when Allah decides when to make u walk on His righteous path. The same went with me. He created those circumstances when I had no other choice than to move towards Him.

When I chose this path, many people asked me the reason that why I decided to wear hijab. My answer was always that Allah chose me for this path, but despite this there were a lot of circumstances which made my mind that I opted this path on my own.

Like others, I also had doubts that whether would I be able to pursue this journey of mine so strictly? But Alhamdulillah I made it possible. Being an ambitious woman, I faced a lot of challenges, even I received so many titles like ninja turtles, burqa avengers on my appearance. I was bullied for my apparel that I had become an illiterate but I always had one thing in my mind that whatever I chose to wear, it was meant to please Allah not His people. With the passage of time, this intuition turned into faith and this faith didn’t make me feel down.

                                "None of you [believers] will attain true piety unless you give out of what you cherish:                                                 whatever you give, God knows about it very well."                      (3:92)

In the light of this verse, I experienced that one can't reach that certain point of Taqwa without sacrificing his/her dearest thing. So I sacrificed the charm of this temporary world for the sake of my Lord just to please Him. One thing that I learned from this journey is that people will judge in every aspect whether you’re following His path or you’re forbidding Him. The purpose of my life is not to please people, I have to please my Lord at any cost because at the end He will give me the reward not people. I have come to at that stage of my life where I feel pity on people who doesn’t understand my feelings because Allah has not given them that taste yet. I am satisfied wherever I am and I think it’s the biggest blessing of my Lord.

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Narrated by: Oumme Musa

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