Hijab Caps 101: A Guide for Modern Muslim Women

Hijab caps are a useful accessory for modern Muslim women. These underscarf caps help you implement an important Islamic command: concealing your body, and at the same time, they add some style to your appearance as well. 

Whether you’re a sister who has recently decided to put on a Hijab or someone who is a pro Hijabi, this article will be helpful to you as it will explain what Hijab undercaps are, their different types, their benefits, and where you can get one. 

So, read on to know about it in detail.

What are Hijab Caps?

Hijab cap is a single piece of cloth that complements the regular Hijab. It is usually worn under the Hijab scarf to keep it from slipping. Some Hijab undercaps eliminate the need for the regular Hijab by concealing your head and neck by themselves.

There are many options when it comes to choosing the best hijab cap for yourself. You can opt for different styles, colors, and cloth types. 

Not sure which type is best for you? Let’s go through the different types of Hijab undercaps to help you select the best one!

Popular Types of Hijab Caps

Tie Back Bonnet Cap

beige tie back hijab cap for women in pakistan

Tie-back bonnet cap is like a face veil but for your head. You can simply put it on like a cap and tie the straps given on the backside. This way you can adjust its fitting as well.


beige hijab head band for women

A Headband is a stretchable piece of cloth that fits around your head and covers your hair completely. They are usually made of cotton and are exceptionally breathable which makes them easy to carry even during the summer season.

Tube Bonnet

purple colour hijab tube cap

A Tube-Bonnet is an underscarf cap designed for long hair. It's a long, stretchy piece of fabric that fits snugly around your head and hair. It helps keep your regular hijab in place and adds an extra layer of coverage for sheer fabrics.

What are the Benefits Of Hijab Inner Caps?

Before the Hijab inner cap came out, Muslimahs had a hard time keeping their hijabs in place. With the advent of underscarf caps, you don’t have to bear all that. 

Here are five reasons why you should start wearing a Hijab cap:

  1. They help you follow an important Islamic command properly. Without scarf undercaps, the Hijab can slip away. That’s where a Hijab inner cap is so useful. They ensure that your Hijab remains intact at all times.
  2. The main purpose of a Hijab cap is to make it easier for you to do Hijab. It does that by preventing your Hijab from getting all over the place. When you put on a Hijab cap, you spend less time fixing your Hijab. As a result, you feel far more confident with your scarf in public.
  3. Another problem that hijab caps take care of is they prevent your hair from coming onto your face. You can tie your hair and then put a hijab cap over them. This way, you are more comfortable around others.
  4. Hijab inner caps also add style to your appearance as you can use two different colors for the Hijab and under scarves that complement each other, improving your overall impression.
  5. Some Hijab types like lace are see-through Hijabs which leave your head visible to others. But this problem can be solved by wrapping your head with a hijab inner cap which will ensure that your head is properly covered.

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