Written by: Warda Kainat

During last year’s Hajj season, Saudi Arabia was forced to downsize the number of pilgrims to a maximum of 1,000. Those allowed to perform the hajj were exclusively Saudi citizens and residents as for the first time in modern times, Muslims from around the world were barred to enter the kingdom in a bid to mitigate COVID-19 transmission. However, this year the restriction has been removed massive number of pilgrims are going to offer hajj in 2022. 

Although Hajj this season will not be limited to Muslims around the globe who are undoubtedly accustomed to fluctuations and extremities in the weather, pilgrims do need to take care and be mindful of the temperatures. This time, the hajj is going to be performed in July which is hottest among all months and people need to avoid heat strokes. 

During the day, adequate sun protection is necessary to prevent heat strokes, fainting spells and other ailments caused by the heat. Wide-brimmed sun hats and umbrellas can protect from the sun’s rays. Some also opt to bring a small handheld fan or a mini battery-powered fan to cool down and a towel to wipe off sweat. Sunglasses and sunscreen will also come in handy.

Hajj and Umrah are transformative journeys that trace the path of the Prophet (SAW). To ensure a positive experience, here are some styles of carrying comfortable yet elegant abayas.

Malbus, for the first time, launched its Premium Hajj Collection. After pandemic this would be the first massive hajj without restrictions and Muslims can’t be happier more. By keeping in view, the hot days of July, malbus designed super breathable abayas in its premium hajj collection.


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