Written by: Warda Kainat

October has been started, crispy breeze and the colors of fall are ready to spread its magic. When the leaves have fallen from the trees, it gives us a motivation that bad things have to end in our lives and after that new beginnings are waiting for us. Fall is considered as sad but in my opinion it gives you a new thought and introduces you to the new way by letting the negative energies out of your mind.

October always attracts me in its own way, or maybe because it’s my birthday month. It always brings joy and happiness along with mixed emotions and feelings. For me, it is always a month of commitment where I can pen down the things which I have to do next. Just like the paled yellow leaves, let your negativity to leave your aura.

It’s a Fall, fall of negative energies, fall of despair and fall of procrastination. Get Up! Find out the way to shine, to fly. Time has come to tell the world who you are and it’s all set to prove your identity.  

                        And He found you lost, and He guided you                           (93:7)

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