Written by: Warda Kainat

About Faith I have a lot of things to say but now I am short of words. Since birth we Muslim daughters are taught to have faith in every aspect of life. We do believe in oneness of Allah and His miracles but not from the core of our heart unless we experience those. My whole life is also surrounded by these miracles. Yes miracles do happen. These miracles are the signals by your Lord which connect you to Him and the bond which then created is completely unbreakable.

Years back, I opted His guided path or maybe He chose me for His path but the journey is all worth it. By conquering those milestones, I GROW, I BUILD, I NOURISH, I LEARN and most importantly I MOVED ON. Like many people, there were the times when I felt bad about myself and especially about my choices. But there was always one thing that pushed me up i.e.

                                           Wala saufa youteeka rabbuka fatarda      (93:5)

                                     And your Lord is going to give you, and you will be satisfied

And after the struggle of years I was truly blessed by His blessings. He gives you, yes he gives you but at the right time and this right time is not decided by me or you, it’s decided by the Lord of Heavens. He knows well when to give you.  

Life is not the name of ultimate happiness or sadness rather life is the name of going through the parallel rails of happiness and sadness. We cannot be constants, we have to vary according to the situations and react accordingly. But in every situation Tawakkul is the key, if you have faith in Him you can’t fail the exam of life

No one is leading a perfect life. We all are running behind the things we don’t have. Here comes the anxiety when we are not satisfied of what we have. Trust Him, trust His plans, He knows you better than your own self. He will not betray you. He loves you when nobody is with you.

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Narrated by: OummeMusa

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