Everything You Need to Know About Abaya

 Written by: Warda Kainat

  • What is an Abaya?

An Abaya is considered as the modest wear of women around the globe. It’s a full sleeved and floor-long gown in length. The abaya is worn as a street garment with total coverage to women’s bodies. The abaya is usually worn with other clothes like hijab or scarf in order to cover the head.

Usually, Muslim Women go for modest attires that are loosely fitted so that their bodies are not revealed. They love to wear abaya attire regularly because it’s easy to carry and a modest garment among all. That is why women in the Gulf are considered as the well dressed in the world.

Many people think that wearing an abaya makes them backward or less modern. Those days are gone when abaya was just a dark-colored garment. Your ultimate goal should be modesty, but it is all up to you how you carry it with style.

In the present time, abayas are designed in a sophisticated style by keeping in mind the traditional themes. The flares, flowing fabric, and the elegant cut make abayas more modish these days. At first glance, abayas appear as straight and simple, but now the designs, stylings, and embellishments make it a unique garment that can be carried in all types of events. With the slight addition of some beads and embroidery, an ordinary gown can become the formal one. Though modesty is an ultimate goal, women can style their abayas by playing with cuts and subtle shades.

  • How to sew Abaya Kimono?

The kimono is also considered one of the modest attires. It’s an open-front gown that Muslim Women carry in order to cover themselves. It is carried over other garments like shirts, jeans, or even maxis to symbolize drape and flare. Malbus is producing versatile kimonos in its modest collection.

With time, the trend of Muslim Modest Clothing has been changing. Within limits drawn by the religion, Muslim Women style their dresses with elegance. If you talk about the modest wedding dresses of Muslim clothing, they have taken significant advantage of the fashion world. Fashion weeks have been successful over the years and some of the famous trends were related to Muslim clothing.

Modest clothing with stylish cuts has become more in demand as most of the women who struggle to put the stylish outfits and hijab together have the excellent opportunity to become even more stylish and fashionable at the same time. Muslim women usually go for finding clothes that look stylish and yet modest clothing. Hence, this is why most women follow modest Muslim clothing trends to look up-to-the-minute. 

Modest clothing helps the Muslim people to follow its culture and society’s steps. Living in these days, where fashion is a big thing. It is important to move with the world but staying within the values of modesty is a must. Furthermore, wearing fashionable trendy tunics or modest clothing would help you to look even more perfect and brighter.

You might be searching a lot of abaya designs online and going to order from abaya online shopping Pakistan. But did you think about the fabric and quality of the abaya? Abayas are daily routine outfits, its comfortable fabric would help you to wear it daily.

Therefore, you need to look at the fabric material and quality. The fabric for summer abaya designs is pure Nida Korean. It is super cool, and that’s why it is considered best during summers. Likewise, if the abaya's fabric is made up of high-quality materials such as georgette, silk etc., the feel of the abaya presumes to be smooth, soft, light in weight, breezy, and cool. Furthermore, abayas made from Nida Korean are pretty comfortable and are available in any design. Korean Nida is a signature fabric of Malbus, which is directly imported from UAE and Korea.

Most of the Abaya collection is in black. In winter, you can wear dark colors such as black, maroon, etc. so that it would look elegant on you. But in summers, you need to go for light colors because it would help you be comfortable. Usually, people confuse modesty by wearing just black color in abayas, but in real life, you look modest by wearing any light color that is not attractive. In conclusion note, humbleness in dressing doesn’t stop you from looking stylish and elegant.

Deepen your understanding of Abayas with Malbus. Explore our comprehensive collection, featuring a variety of styles and designs. Shop now and embrace the elegance and beauty of Abaya fashion.

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