Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

The celebration of World Hijab day started in 2013 and came about through the efforts of Nazma Khan, an Bangladeshi immigrant to the United States who had been shamed over wearing a headscarf. She decided to start a day when both Muslim and non-Muslim women could experience wearing the head garment.

As it is evident that the followers of monotheism practice hijab and promote modesty. This is a significant day for both all hijab-wearing women; as it gives Muslim women the chance to educate the world about the hijab and their choice in wearing it, and non-Muslim women to be educated and have a better understanding of what the hijab represents and why it is so important in Islam.

I didn’t use to wear hijab in my teens, in fact I used to be a tom boy – a happy go lucky kind of girl. But no one knows except Allah what’s the right time to do things. He made such twists in my life that I opted Hijab for the rest of my life. Though it wasn't easy for me to pursue it, I faced a severe backlash by the people who were very close to my heart. But all I knew was one thing that He is with me no matter what, I chose this righteous path for His sake. 

I would never deny the allegations that people use to put on Pardah, as many of wrong actions been committed in coverings but it doesn't mean that people would judge the hijabis the same way they judge sinners in abaya or coverings. This societal pressure made me think that whether I want to stick on my decision or give up in this battle, because being discriminated against is not a small matter. According to a survey, 69% of people who wear hijab have experienced discrimination, while just 29% of non-hijabis have experienced discrimination. Most discrimination comes from the lack of education and what the hijab represents, which is one of the reasons why I decided to write this blog. Wearing a hijab or being covered in a piece of cloth doesn't make you backward or gives a narrative that you must be hiding your sins under this covering. Hijab is a gift by Almighty to Muslim women that should be regarded and not be treated as an oppression. 

The notion of hijab contradicts the idea that a woman’s worth is her physical beauty. I am not saying that is why Muslim women wear hijab. Nor am I pretending that I represent the opinion of all hijab-wearing women. I wear hijab because I believe that is what God asked me to do. I believe in an Omnipotent God who created all human beings, all living creatures and everything else. I believe in God’s Infinite Wisdom and that God is the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful. Logic dictates that if I believe all these things about God and I believe God asked me to wear hijab, then I will wear it.  

World Hijab Day is a great opportunity for women of all cultures and backgrounds to come together and celebrate diversity and religious freedom. By wearing a hijab for a day, women can gain a better understanding of the hijab and the Islamic faith, while also showing support for their Muslim sisters.

Narrated by: Oumme Musa

Unleash your empathy and look beyond the malbus. Embrace the power of understanding and discover the hidden narratives that defy surface judgments.

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