Consistency - All You Need

Allah says in Quran:

Verily, with every difficulty there is relief                             (94:5)

Life is tough and it is indeed full of struggles and hardships. However, these struggles are temporary and ultimately they don't last longer and eventually help us grow in becoming a stronger person than before. 

Everyone has his own struggles whether it's trying to move on from a toxic relationship or to come over the death of a loved one or it could be some financial troubles. Whatever the struggles they may be, I know it's not easy to go through them.

For many of you, who are reading this right now, it would be hard for you to digest that struggles are mandatory for everyone's growth. Many people might not realize this, but struggling in life is what makes life worth living. No matter how many bad things have happened to you, you’ve found the strength to push through the pain and move forward with your life. All challenges, struggles, hardships, and painful moments are lessons that you need to learn to progress through life and experience a fulfilling lifestyle.

Sometimes another person’s struggle might seem easier to handle, but everyone has their path to walk and their burden to bear. What you will breeze through might not be as easy for someone else. Refrain from judging people. If you cannot be helpful, be silent.

We all have our hardships and struggles in life but do not let them overwhelm you. Learn from your mistakes. Making them was painful the first time around; that pain will only worsen the more you refuse to accept the lesson. Learn to live through every hardship like an Olympic champion because, in time, all those struggles are preparing you for the future you desire and ask for.

In essence, there are many types of difficulties in life. Some come naturally from the universe, while others are caused by the silly, stubborn choices you make. When you don’t learn from your mistakes, you’re sentencing yourself to a life of repeated lessons. The same concept applies to running away from the pain you want to avoid by ignoring something important that must be done.

The truth is, life was made to experience struggle because that’s how we all acquire the knowledge we need to take the first step towards a successful future. If you’re not struggling, you’re not doing something challenging with your life. The lessons are the rewards for the pain you must endure. The knowledge you will gain should serve as the ultimate motivation when things look grim. You will never know what lesson you’re learning while going through the challenges. However, once you overcome that challenge, you’ll be rewarded. The happiness and relief you’ll feel after that challenge is over will make the struggle worth it. Stress will not last forever, and the pain only lasts for a short time.

It’s common to feel sadness, anger, anxiety, and depression when going through phases of hardships and struggles. Your mind, spirit, and sometimes your body experience a transformation when struggling in life, which happens to be very normal. This experience helps you to learn about yourself, push your limits, and rephrase the word 'impossible'

Nothing you face in life will ever be too difficult to overcome. All you need to do is to believe in yourself. Positive growth and happiness are the ultimate rewards, and you will achieve them as long as you learn to embrace every hardship for what it is an opportunity to focus, change, and grow. Struggles have a way of bringing out our inner strength and ability to move on from trials and tribulations.

 Harness the power of consistency for a life of growth and success. Embrace the malbus of discipline, perseverance, and dedication. Take consistent action towards your goals, and watch as your dreams become a reality. Start your journey of unwavering consistency today.

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