Accessories - An Important Part of Your Personality

Written by: Warda Kainat

Accessories have always been an important feature of your personality and yet the most prominent part of fashion. People also tend to collect fashion accessories and be obsessed with them, and it’s not just a woman thing as it was thought in the past, passion for accessories is genderless and ageless.

Managing your accessories with your apparel is not an easy task. The key to putting together a look that is both coherent and eye-catching is to take into consideration shape, size, colour and material. It can be complex, but we are here to help. In modest apparels, people find it difficult to carry accessories over abayas and face troubles in handling versatile styles of hijab.
Malbus accessories have a huge collection of accessories.


People are fond of accessories which are hand-made. This time we launched our own hand-made tasbihs of semi-precious stones and pearls. They’re available in 12 different shades and sizes of 33 and 99 beads. The launch of this product in this holy month also made us a source of earning the blessings of Almighty. These hand-made tasbihs are super comfy to handle yet stylish.


Hijab Magnets:

Finally, we got the reason to say NO to irritating safety pins which not only ruin our delicate hijabs but also put scratches to our skin sometimes. These hijab magnets are one of our accessories on which we can claim that you won’t get this type of quality in Pakistan. These are available in 8 different shades with matte and gloss finishing.


Silk Masks:

This pandemic has already made all of us suffered in so many ways. We can’t stay at home all the time, we need to take precautionary measures to pursue our daily routine. Earlier this year, we launched our super comfy breathable masks and now they’re back in stock with a hijab friendly look.

Our latest masks are designed specifically for hijab wearing ladies with a minimal design which won’t let your style down and a perfect alternate to your veil. The soothing texture and design reduce irritability and maximize comfort.

But no worries if you don’t wear hijab, this mask is still for you. Your ears have already so much to carry, earrings and glasses. We feel you sisters!


How to Toggle:

  • Fix your hijab
  • Pull over the cord above your head and align the mask on your face so that the top of the mask covers the bridge of your nose and the bottom covers your skin.
  • Position the top cord at the back of your head on your hijab so that it is sitting comfortably over your bun.
  • Do the same for the bottom cord, only this time position it comfortably under your bun.
  • Press down on the toggle and adjust to your desired fit.

DISCLAIMER: Malbus masks are neither designed for clinical use nor for an area where infection can easily be spread.


Our silk scrunchies are perfect for wavy and curly hair to give them a static look to your hair. These scrunchies are all set to make your bad hair day a perfect one. 


Why our scrunchies are not giving that much volume?

It’s strictly prohibited in Islam to make a hair bun which looks like a camel hump and Abu Hurayrah narrates from the Prophet Muhammad (SAW): "There are two groups from among the dwellers of Hell whom I have not seen. Some people who have whips like tails of cows, with which they beat people; And women covering their bodies yet naked, who flirt and attract, whose heads are like the humps of camels. They will not enter paradise, nor will they enjoy its fragrance, even though its fragrance can be smelt from such and such distance” (Muslim, 3978)

Shop now and let your accessories reflect your unique personality. Explore our collection to find the perfect pieces that make a statement.

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