A Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing the Perfect Abaya

As religious values have integrated with modern culture, modest apparel has evolved, presenting women with a variety of choices in style, fashion, and fabric. 

If you're starting out on your journey of abayas, get ready to dive into the world of fashionable choices. Here is a guide to help you on your journey to find the right abaya that is perfect for you:

Step 1: Your Stylistic Vision Board

Before setting out on your journey, have an abaya style in mind, one that works with your sense of fashion and personal tastes. That can be a simple black abaya, or a chic front-opened style, which creates a casual yet layered look. 

ivory embroidered abaya with pin tucks on front panels

If an ethnic touch is what you have in mind, then a fancy abaya from Malbus embroidered selection is best for you, and if you want something flowy and whimsical, a butterfly abaya fits your vision well. 

Step 2: The Flow of Fashion

Along with your own preferences, look out into the world — you can still take part in trends, modestly and beautifully! 

Neutral and co-ord sets are thriving in the world of fashion, so base your look off it, combining the color palette that works best for you.

front closed coral reef chiffon abaya with metallic zipper on neckline

If patterns and prints are more your style, you can browse amongst the embroidered and printed collections of abayas and hijabs, so you never compromise on your personal flair.

Step 3: Material and Fabric

Now that you have a style and color in mind, something more practical but equally important needs to be considered; fabric. 

The fabric type of the abaya that you choose depends not only on your outfit and style, but your comfort needs. Some things you need to keep in mind are the requirements for layering, and so, the weather. 

front closed toile red abaya with side pockets

In the cooler months, layering is not only stylish but also suitable for the climate. So, warm inner linings on an elegant chiffon or georgette front open abaya ensures your comfort, and also doesn’t compromise your modesty. 

The summertime is when it gets tricky. Here, materials like nida- which is the chosen fabric for most Malbus abayas - and linen are better choices, due to being more breathable and hassle-free.

Step 4: Hijab Combinations

To have a reliable everyday look, you should now consider hijab pairings for your abaya. Time to gather a collection of hijabs that have colors and material that fit well with your perfect abaya.

screen printed grey nida abaya in Pakistan

You might be looking for an everyday look, in which you could mix things up by a change in hijab, but if you’re in search of an abaya for a specific occasion, this becomes even more important! 

Consider the material, drape style, weather, and the requirements of the season as well as the occasion for a flawless modest outfit.

Step 5: Details and Accessories

You’re at a point where the main features of your dream abaya have been chosen. Now, it’s time to zoom in, and accessorize! 

Make a statement with the simplicity of a black abaya, or opt for choices that add uniqueness to your look- Malbus fancy hijab pins add small glimmers of elegance, bracelets can elevate the beauty of your outfit, and your choice in shoes can completely change the way you carry your abaya. 

Glitter Stone Hijab Pin in Pakistan

Flats will also make your look float effortlessly. However, if the abaya’s length allows it, heels and platforms can add an effortless touch of sophistication to your look.

Step 6: The Final Touch- Confidence

At this step, all you need to do is be confident. Be assured in yourself, that you’ll rock the look you’ve chosen; the journey into modesty is not as scary as it may seem. 

So, if you’re new into this journey, just know that confidence is key for you to carry your perfect abaya with grace, a choice you made that’s perfectly tailored to your taste. 

We hope that this guide helps you find exactly what you’re looking for. With each choice set out, Malbus' extensive abaya collection is waiting, where you can now find and choose the perfect abaya of your dreams. So step into our walk-in store or even better — visit our website to achieve your dream look!

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